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Repair and Overhaul

Aircraft Fuel Cells
Aircraft Bladder Type Fuel Cell Repair

Aircraft Bladder Type Fuel Cell Repair

The care and maintenance of an aircraft’s fuel cell is an incredibly important responsibility. To ensure we are providing the best possible service, we have developed proprietary testing methods that have allowed us to repair all variations of aircraft bladder type tanks, including self sealing and crash resistant. We’re proud to have been servicing tanks for Military and civilian customers for over 50 years.

Genaire provides a full-service approach. We don’t just repair leaks, we examine and test the entire fuel cell and address any porous or problem areas, even if they may not be leaking (yet). Based on our years of experience we suggest what needs to be repaired to keep the tank flying because we know the last thing you want to do is have to take it out again any time soon.

All repairs are carried out by our certified Fuel Cell Technicians using heat, pressure, and adhesive to bond new fabric to the fuel cell following repair and overhaul procedures set out by fuel cell manufacturers such as Amfuel, Engineered Fabric, Firestone, Goodyear, Uniroyal and by the Canadian Department of National Defence CFTO’s and U.S. Naval Air Command Repair and Technical Fuel Cell Repair Manuals.

Aircraft Bladder Type Fuel Cell Repair 2

Our facility is climate controlled with a state-of-the-art air make-up system, where we not only repair aircraft fuel cells, but warehouse them for both Military and civilian customers. Because of this facility, our customers can cut down on storage costs while still maintaining access to serviceable aircraft fuel cells at a moments notice. We also provide an ongoing maintenance program for warehoused tanks that has them checked yearly and properly maintained in the best condition possible.

The facility is subject to the Department of National Defence Controlled Goods Program under Group 5, subgroup 1001.

See Full Capability List

Ground Support Equipment Sales and Repair
Ground Support Equipment© All rights reserved. GD2015-0106-01 reproduced with the permission of DND/CAF 2018 

Sometime we don’t realize how important something is until we no longer have access to it. Genaire’s ground support equipment services can help you avoid costly delays or downtime.

It’s the little things that sometimes make all the difference, from aircraft tow bars, prop slings, fuselage dollies, maintenance platforms, boarding stairs, gantry cranes, aircraft wheel bead breakers to hydraulic tripod jacks, pumping manifolds, logistic trailers and engine removal and installation dollies, Genaire has the experience and systems to keep your operation running smoothly.

Since its inception, Genaire has been servicing the Canadian Department of National Defence AMSE division and has produced numerous improvements and upgrades to existing equipment to meet Government needs. Genaire holds an extensive inventory of Grounds Support surplus parts for repair, including many hard to source parts.

Ground Support Equipment 2

Genaire is also a proud partner, Canadian distributor, and authorized repair facility for Columbus Jack Corporation a Tronair Company, providing parts, repair, and support for Military and Commercial customers for all aircraft lift requirements.

Link to Columbus Jack

Aircraft Pallet Manufacturer/Unit Load Device Repairs
Aircraft Pallets© All rights reserved reproduced with the permission of DND/CAF 2018

In aerospace it isn’t just the people who are important but cargo as well. It is essential that the components tasked with carrying or containing cargo are in good repair and able to meet the stresses put on them. We are certified under Transport Canada AMO 8-64 to manufacture and repair Unit Load devices.


Genaire manufactures various pallets, but because of the unique system we have developed and the materials used we can also repair and overhaul these pallets over and over, greatly improving the life span of the pallet. No longer are these simply a disposable product.

See our Manufacturing page for more info on our pallets.

F18 Luggage Pods

On behalf of the Canadian Department of National Defence, Genaire undertook a refurbishment and modification program on all NSN 1680-01-042-3974  PN 764077-10 Pod, Aircraft.

Aircraft ULD Container Repairs

LD containers

Genaire also repairs various ULD containers such as:

  • AKC LD1
  • DPE LD 2
  • AKE LD3
  • ALP LD4
  • ALF LD6
  • AAP LD9
  • ALP LD11

We can patch, repair or replace aluminum parts, latches and the fabric curtains to meet OEM serviceability requirements.  

Twin Otter Hydraulic Wheel Skis
Wheel Skis

Twin otter wheel skis can take a beating on the ice. Genaire Limited offers full repair and overhaul services for Twin Otter Hydraulic wheel skis. All assemblies are tested and inspected to the latest modification and specifications. Overhaul consists of the following:

  1. Visual Inspection
  2. Complete strip down and clean
  3. Inspect structures for cracks and damage
  4. NDT all relevant components
  5. Repair or replace any necessary parts
  6. Reassemble ski
  7. Hydraulic Cycle Test
  8. Lubricate
  9. Paint
Wheel Skis 2© All rights reserved. IS2012-7007-016 reproduced with the permission of DND/CAF 2018 

P/N 258-24003-1 Nose Ski  - Model 3000

P/N 258-24002-11 LH Main Ski  - Model 5000

P/N 258-24002-12 RH Main Ski – Model 5000

Along with R&O services, Genaire also manufactures wheel skis and maintains a full inventory of spare parts and assemblies which are available to all our customers. Trained technicians and Engineering staff are on hand to support customers with any technical issues they experience.

See more info on our manufacturing page.

Aircraft Component Repair
Aircraft Component Repair

Genaire has the experience necessary to repair a wide range of aircraft related components. Both the military and civilian customers have trusted us to perform key overhauls for over 60 years.

An example of some of the components we have repaired over the years are:

  • Aircraft Brakes (single/multiple Disc)
  • Aircraft Wheels
  • Aircraft Engine Mounts
  • Aircraft Inertia Reels
  • Hydraulic Test stands
  • Hydraulic Valves
  • Pumping Units