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Custom Fabrication
Custom Fabrication

Bringing your ideas to life or solving issues through custom fabrication is what we do best.  Our team has the skills and experience to help design and build custom metal requirements to assist you day to day or to simply build to your prints. If you have a problem, perhaps we can help develop something to solve it.

Some examples of the types of custom fabricated pieces Genaire has developed for other customers are:

  • Movable Storage Racks on tracks
  • Maintenance Platform Kick Plates
  • Hydraulic Tripod Jack Work Platforms
  • Hercules Aircraft Bumper Boards for loading freight
  • Custom Storage containers

Repairing and overhauling aerospace parts means you run into a lot of different situations, sometimes, ones you’ve never seen before. Thus, having on-sight engineering capabilities is essential.

From fixture and jig design to support R&O (Repair and Overhaul) activity to the selection of part and material substitutions for those no longer available, we can support not only DND operations but also commercial projects.

Our experienced team has the ability to produce non-standard repair procedures, computerized drawings and can provide technical publication review and interpretation as well as component failure analysis.


With the high standards required for today’s aircraft, having the right team in place to paint parts as well as radomes is critical.

Genaire employs aviation painters certified to Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace (CCAA). Our Aviation Painters are involved in the planning, preparation, application of various costings and marking of aircraft and aerospace components. This includes newly manufactured and repaired components. These technicians are thoroughly familiar with safe work practices and the rules and regulations affecting their work, including equipment maintenance and quality control requirements.


Although Genaire shears metal for its own products and uses, we can also shear to customer specifications using customer provided material or material sourced by us to meet customer needs.

Powerful, and capable to withstand highest stresses due to heavy duty usage, Genaire’s Fabmaster, Hydraulic Swing beam shear, 36” power back gauge with electric digital readout and manual fine adjustment, has a cutting width of 10’, and a cutting capacity of ¼”.

Non Destructive Testing

Non Destructive Testing

Aircraft manufacturers and repair facilities increasingly rely on non-destructive testing (NDT) to verify airworthiness of their products. In order to certify and guarantee that an aircraft’s metal parts and structures are solid and strong, without destroying them, an NDT technician performs non-destructive tests.

Genaire Limited has the ability and facilities to carry out a wide variety of non-destructive tests, to the OEM specifications, latest aircraft SRM’s, and testing procedures for NDT examinations; including Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) and Ultrasonic Inspection (UT) to ensure that the parts are totally free of defects.

Genaire’s NDT technicians are fully certified and approved by Transport Canada (under TCCA AMO 8-64) and Canada’s Department of National Defence.

Transmissivity Testing of Aircraft Radomes

Transmissivity Testing of Aircraft Radomes:

Genaire Limited is capable of testing radomes for moisture ingression, anti-static conductivity delamination and Transmissivity.

Impact damage to the radome, such as punctures or cracks in the skin from bird strikes, hail, lightning strikes, or rain erosion, can permit moisture ingression into the core. Moisture will promote delamination of the core/skin bond and degrade electrical performance of the radome.

Damage and repairs to the radome skin and core can dramatically affect radar performance. OEMs provide criteria for electrical testing of repaired radomes that is currently specified in the specific aircraft models’ structural repair manual (SRM), component maintenance manual (CMM) and/or overhaul manual (OHM).

We perform transmissivity testing throughout the repair process to guarantee the efficiency of the repair.

After repairs are completed, final transmissivity testing is performed to ensure the radome meets the manufacturer’s minimum operational performance standards, as well as those standards as outlined in RTCA-DO213A.


Welding in aerospace is critical for both strength and aesthetics. Genaire employs qualified welders that are certified to AWS D17.1:2001. We comply with the specification for fusion welding in aerospace applications and can weld components as stated under our Transport Canada TCCA AMO 8-64.